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Therese Bisquera: What I get out of my APIA Membership


a newbie investor, one of the best things that APIA has done and continues to do for me is keep me informed of changes in the property investment space
so that I can better prepare myself to come out on top. 

I love hearing from all types of investors through APIA – new or well experienced. I am an avid learner. A geek even. There are nuggets of information
and ah-ha! moments every time I tune into a webinar, pop over to a networking mixer,
attend one of the keynote meetings and read the Friday 5s emails. My life is brimming with great
information about property because of them. 

Although I had paid for and gone through a separate property mentorship programme, I’ve always felt that it is important to be with like-minded people
on a regular basis. For me, these are regular Kiwis who choose to use property as a vehicle to achieve their versions of financial freedom. Being part
of the APIA opportunity gives me that opportunity to connect with a variety of investors I would otherwise not be able to. 

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt about property investment is that it is more than putting money in a house, it is owning and operating a people business.
I’ve made the decision long ago to surround myself with people who can lift me up rather than push me down. That’s why I continue to be an active member
of the APIA. My hope is that we continue to bring joy, inspiration and positivity to Auckland property investors. Boy! Don’t we need a bit of that
these days? 

Therese Bisquera became an APIA member in 2018 and was elected onto the board in 2020. 

The Auckland Property Investors’ Association Incorporated is a leading non-profit organisation that provides education and networking support to help investors navigate regulatory and market changes in order to continue investing safely and providing good long term housing solutions for tenants. Memberships start from as little as $75. Click here for more information and to join

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