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Understanding The Draft Unitary Plan

Auckland Is Changing

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To improve the future prospects of our city, accommodate population increases, and address housing affordability, the Auckland Council is making some fundamental changes to this city’s rule book.  The Auckland Unitary Plan is a 7000+ pages document that will be replacing the former regional and district plans and focuses on delivering the vision of the Auckland Plan, that is to make Auckland the world’s most liveable city.  

Simply put, changes are coming.  Property investors, and indeed, homeowners will be affected by some of these changes.  The future of your most valuable asset is at stake so make sure you have a good understanding of the council’s proposals and make timely submission before the 31st of May 2013.  

Here are some information that will help with your understanding of the Unitary Plan and how to make your submissions. 

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Understanding the Unitary Plan

The Auckland Council believes that the Unitary Plan will deliver a more compact and higher quality Auckland that will accommodate the projected population increase in the next few years.  In it are proposals to push for better land use efficiency in order to ramp up development potentials and housing affordability.  These proposals have significant impact on home owners and property investors.  

Andre Conradie, director of RPC Land Surveyors, gave a insightful presentation on the Unitary Plan, what it is proposing and the practical implications it holds for property investors.  To watch the full recording of this presentation, log into the Member Resources section and look under ‘other events’.  For a copy of Andre’s presentation notes, download it from the Resources section’s ‘other’ tab.  

Make Yourself Heard 

The Unitary Plan is arguably one of the most important planning document for property investors and owners.  We strongly urge all of our members to get involved, understand that changes that will be affecting you and make timely submission before 5pm 31st May 2013.  

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