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Monday catch up: 7 things we are keeping an eye on this week

After what can only be described as an action-packed two weeks for property investors, this week’s calming respite has been much welcomed.  Much needed, some may even say as we start getting introspective on the coming changes.  

1. Not entirely unexpected, but Bill English just threw a bucket of cold water over CGT.    

2. Uh oh!  Looks like more people are expected to flock into New Zealand in June.  Great for APIA members if they are renters, not so flash if they are here to buy…

3. Meanwhile, Shamubeel Eaqub has dubbed the new term ‘Generation Rent‘ to describe the 30-somethings who are increasingly stuck in the rental cycle.  Not that you will hear him complaining anytime soon.  

4. More pressure still for Gen Rent, Trademe just reported an increase of $25 a week over a year to April in rent.  By the way, are you charging market rent?  

5. What do you think of the Budget?  Bernard Hickey shares his thoughts.

6. Now that the Kiwi dollar has calmed down a little, looks like interest rates may take a tumble shortly.  

7. The CE of the NZ Council Of Infrastructure Development is publicly supporting the release of public land to address the supply side of the housing crisis.  Finally!  

What have you been keeping an eye on?  Comment and share below! 

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