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Monday catch up: 7 things we are keeping an eye on this week

1. Reserve Bank Deputy Governor Grant Spencer expresses a preference for a demand-side intervention to the growing housing crisis much to the irk of his ex-economist Michael Reddell who has made his views loud and clear here, here, and here.     

2. Keeping a close eye on the value of the dollar, the Reserve Bank has hinted that rates are not likely to rise anytime soon.  

3. Taking a pause from this questionable advert as well as the growing rhetoric of foreign buyers and the effect they have on our housing market.  Has anyone ever wondered who these people are?  Where they are from?  How many there really are and what real effects do they have?  Surely it is time to find out.  

4. Landowners who own properties in SHA could now be compelled to respond to please-explain letters or risk losing their fast-track status.

5. Speaking of Nick Smith, a Rental WOF is looking more and more likely… 

6. The Reserve Bank’s latest suggestion of a CGT to solve Auckland’s housing crisis is understandably not getting much support.  

7. As affordability worsens so do returns to investors.  Auckland investors, keep a close eye on the numbers!  

What have you been keeping an eye on?  Comment and share below! 

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