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Finding RTA a Real Drag? No More!

Here in the land of the long white cloud where the men drink latté, the women are merry and responsible Aucklanders invest in properties, the Residential Tenancies Act is a play-by-play book that underpins the game we are oh so familiar with – the game of landlording. 
To characterise the RTA as a simple document would be… well… too simplistic.  No.  That would be folly.  Just as mirrors have two faces, so does the RTA.  It is like your ultimate frenemy, you never know when it is going to pounce and claw you in the back.  Parts of it are patently obvious while other parts are as baffling to the human-mind as Paris Hilton’s rapid ascent to fame.  You know, RTA can also stand for Reasons To Annoy.  Just sayin’.  Still, in all, it is the owner’s manual and we should read what it has to say. 

All Landlords Should Be Familiar with the RTA 

If you are serious about being a landlord (and hey, why be one if you are not going to give it your all), you ought to be familiar with the RTA inside-out, from cover to cover, up to down, preamble to supplement, whole she-bang.  You should take care of your copy, read it, memorise it, hold it, love it, caress it, become it, cocoon it in your sweet embrace and go to bed with it you know what I mean?

But come on Professor Snape, reading legislations can be SO DULL.  I mean there is a reason why some people go to law school while others are content reading the words of Yeats, Byatt, Hitchens, and dare we say… 50 Shades of a certain colour that does not appear on the rainbow.


Fear Not!  We Have You Covered

Thankfully for those of us who do not get a kick out of unravelling the seemingly impenetrable complexity that is the English language, our good friend Scotney Williams of TPS has recently published a great little book to guide us out of our tenancy jams.  The Keep Calm And Read The RTA Handbook is a plain-English translation of the Residential Tenancies Act.  ‘Big Whoops’ you say, ‘so someone has paraphrased the RTA.”  Oh but that is not it!
In addition to the aptly translated clauses, the Handbook also comes with supplementary commentaries explaining the execution of important clauses and tips on how landlords can avoid being spanked by the Tribunal.  PLUS – owners of the Handbook will also have access to exclusive landlord documentations/forms/templates penned by none other than Scotney designed to provide you with maximum landlord protection.

‘So Scotney has done all the hard work, how have the APIA Elves’ contributed to this whole set-up to warrant this grand display of high-handed magnanimity?’ you wonder.  Fair enough too.  Well… as we Elves are so apt at doing, we grovelled and begged, we beseeched and implored, we offered up all we could including cakes, mince pies, even our souls* and finally, FINALLY …
We Secured You All A Mint Price
should you wish to get your paws on a copy of this book and its accompanying resources.  While Tom, Dick, and Harry will be charged $138 including postage and GST for this book, APIA members will be paying the trade price of $115 all inclusive.  Pretty neat for an entire vault of RTA resources.  Stocks are limited and TPS is taking orders between now and 31st December.  Get yourself a copy by returning this form below:
<Thank you for your interest, this offer has ended.>


Ok our work here is done. 
* Just kidding, Scotney was a good sport and didn’t put up much of a fight. 

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