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Where does National stand on things?


This week’s question comes from Barry re the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (paraphrased): 

What is the National Party’s position on landlords’ ability to terminate with no stated reason? What is the timing for the commencement of the new law?

The National Party so far has been silent on the Bill’s proposal to abolish landlords’ right to terminate tenancies with no stated reason. However,
on Q+A last weekend, Simon Bridges pledged to reverse some of Labour’s housing and renting rules (including ringfencing) if National were to win this year’s election. We
also received updates from member Olric Thomas who met with his local MP, Hon Mark Mitchell (National). Mr Mitchell stated that the matter concerning
landlords’ ability to terminate is definitely on National’s radar, the party plans to oppose it and repeal the law when it returns to government.
To that we say get your blue pens ready for the polling booth!

In terms of timing, it is important to know that the amendments are not law yet. The Bill had its first reading yesterday.
It still has to go through the usual hoops before becoming law (Select Committee, two further readings before getting its Royal assent*). But if
we want to be parochial about things, the amendments will come into force six months after the date of Royal assent. At this stage, we haven’t
ruled out the Bill being either voted down or materially altered to address landlords’ concerns. In short, no go-live date at this stage.

This bill proposes to take away your control of who stays at your property. This government is saying that disruptive and delinquent tenants
deserve more of its protection than you, the hardworking Kiwi who chips away at life to build a better future the honest way. If you are angered
by that, get in touch with your MP today and hold him/her to account. 

* Watch the Kristine King presentation on How laws are made to better
understand our legislative process.

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