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How often must HHS hardware be checked?

This question is from Carol:

I’m curious about the mandated frequency of insulation checks. The ceiling and underfloor insulation in my rental property were installed in June 2017. Absent any changes being made to the insulation, are we required to inspect at any specific interval?

The insulation standard under HHS is binary. Your property is either compliant or not.

This means your obligation as a landlord is to ensure that the property complies with the insulation standards at all times. While there is no specific inspection requirements, it is prudent to

  1. Conduct inspections, repairs, and maintenance between tenancies to ensure compliance before the start of a new tenancy.
  2. Adhere to the manufacturer’s and installer’s guidelines for maintenance, repair, and inspection.
  3. Inspect the roof and subfloor areas whenever work is carried out in case the insulation has been disturbed.
  4. Inspect the property after sustaining damage that could potentially affect the insulation, such as flooding.

Considering that HHS compliance remains a top priority for the Tenancy Compliance and Investigations Team, coupled with the significant fines for non-compliance, we advise landlords to adopt a better-safe-than-sorry mindset and remain proactive throughout their tenure.

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