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Wall insulation? No idea. 🤷‍♀️


This week’s question comes from Phoebe re the HHS compliance statements (paraphrased): 

Tenancy Services’ template HHS Compliance Statement has a section on Wall Insulation. I see that I am only required to disclose the information ‘if it’s known’ but the ‘I don’t know’ option seems to require some explanation for not knowing. How do I prove something I couldn’t know? Do I need to buy a property file? 

Thanks for the question Phoebe.  No, you absolutely do not need to buy a property file. 

Wall insulation is not a Minimum Standards nor a Healthy Home Standards requirement. We see this section as more an FYI for tenants rather
than for landlord to meet a specific legal requirement. It is entirely plausible for many landlords to have no idea about the level of
wall insulation at the property (especially if that information was not required and disclosed at the time of purchase). 

Still, you should fill it out. But what of the explanation? 

For that, we’ve turned to our go-to insulation expert, Kevan Hunt of The Insulation Warehouse
who suggests stating the following or similar such:

The wall insulation is unable to be determined/inspected because the walls are fully lined. Even if insulation can be seen behind a powerpoint or light switch, there is no reasonably practicable way to determine that insulation has been installed in all the walls. 

Of course, if you have purchased a new build or have overseen major reconstruction of the property then you may very well have the information
to complete the section otherwise. 

Refer to the Tenancy Services guide for more information on HHS insulation requirements. 

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