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HHS: Can landlords self-inspect?


Question from Mark: 

Can landlords complete our own HHS inspection? My property manager says only third party inspectors can. 

Legally there is no restriction on who can or cannot inspect the current level of HHS compliance at a rental property. Landlords can certainly self-inspect
and many do. 

However, some property management companies, for very good reasons (business process and standardisation, risk mitigation etc) require properties under
their management to be inspected by a third party inspection company. Oftentimes, the management company will go as far as appointing a specific inspector.
Whether you, as the customer, are required to consent to (and pay for) the inspection will depend on your agreement with the management company as
well as its’ general terms and conditions. 

If you are required to consent to a third-party inspection, it would be sensible to reach out to your property manager in the first instance to understand
the following:
  1. Whether the inspection is mandatory or if you could supply the necessary information as to the level of compliance at your properties?
  2. Had there been any due diligence/market research carried out by the property manager before appointing the inspector to carry out the work? What’s
    the reason for appointing this specific inspector over the others?
  3. Is the property management company or its directors associated with the inspection company in any way?
  4. Does the inspection company carry any indemnity insurance and what does that mean to you?
  5. Would you and your tenants receive a copy of the report?
  6. What is the inspection cost and has the property manager negotiated a sharp price for all of its clients? 
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