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Conveyancing Q&A – Keeping a lid on your legal fees

In this week’s Conveyancing Q&A, Hilary Jenkins shows you how to minimise your legal fees.  

APIA Ask An ExpertAs a property investor (i.e. frequent house buyer), how do I minimise my legal/conveyancing fees?

APIA Ask An Expert

The very first step should always be for you to ask your professional advisor for their expectation of costs if you have not already been given one and
whether there is any way to minimise your fees with them by taking care of some components yourself (such as ordering and reviewing titles, builders
report and LIMs etc).  That said, property legislation changes often, so I believe it is always best to rely on your professional advisor to assist
you through the entire conveyancing process so they can give you the best possible advice if there are any hitches along the way. 

Disclaimer – The answer provided above is informational and should not be relied upon as legal advice.  For personalised legal advice, please feel free to contact Lifestyle Legal Services Limited or your professional legal advisor directly.  



Hilary Jenkins

Hilary is the director of Lifestyle Legal Services and a veteran of the conveyancing industry having built up an impressive work history of over 20 years (15 of which as a Registered Legal Executive).

To date, Hilary has played an integral part in the success of a wide range of residential and commercial transactions.  Lifestyle Legal stem out of Hilary’s passion for the property industry and desire to offer clear and down-to-earth advice for her customers.  

Do you have any conveyancing related questions for Hilary?  Email your questions through to [email protected].

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