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6 ways you can say bye-bye to building headaches

The best time to build a home was yesterday, and the second best time is today. Year after year, industry pressures, new regulations, and inflating labour and material costs continue to push the price of new builds up. You are not going to be able to build a house as cheaply as you can today. But investors are still going for it. It’s no-brainer given the tax incentives, high returns and lower running costs.

The thing is, if building is easy, everyone would be doing it. The journey towards a new build is plagued with uncertainty and extraneous circumstances that are often beyond your control. Here at Keith Hay Homes, we have some helpful solutions and suggestions for investors who are in the market to build new:

💡 Clearly identify all the potential hazards and building challenges of the section early in the planning process. Council GIS is a tremendously valuable piece of resource. You will find information such as flood areas, overland flow paths, coastal inundation and public drainages. If you are a novice at doing your own due diligence, contact one of our home consultants for a free site feasibility study.

💡 As much as possible, build on pile foundations because it minimises potential flooding and coastal zone issues.

💡 If you are not experienced with obtaining consents, outsource it to the pros. Here at Keith Hay Homes, we confidently manage the entire consenting process for all of our clients because we enjoy good relationships with Councils and planning experts around the country.

💡 A fixed-price contract. A true fixed-price contract goes a long way to guaranteeing certainty and transparency. We disclose all of the fixed and variable costs upfront so our customers can make an informed decision at the outset.

💡 Funding and budgeting are common headaches for investors. Work with a trusted broker or lender to get pre-approved, work within your budget and be very realistic about your goals. Dial in to our upcoming webinar, Roadmap to your next new build to find out more about how to successfully secure funding for your project.

💡 Financing a transportable home is easier than ever before. Many banks are now offering tailored packages for this type of build. For example, BNZ and Westpac offer transportable home finance and Westpac’s mobile managers are now speicifcally trained to handle loans for transportables. In some instances, Westpac will even securitise the house before it is built. That said, if your bank needs the house to be on the land before the loan can be drawn down, then we at Keith Hay Homes will discuss how we might finance the progress payments while the house is still being built on our yard.

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Recently completed project comprising of three Keith Hay Homes First Choice 75 homes for a South Auckland property investor.

Here at Keith Hay Homes, we don’t just build; we listen and work with you to come with with the best solutions to meet your project goals. We focus on transparency and security which is why we offer fixed-price contracts and manage the entire consenting process in Council. Our team is well experienced with identifying and overcoming potential hazards and challenges that may arise during the build process. We offer financing options and work closely with banks to ensure a seamless process for our customers. Trust us to maximise your property’s potential and build the home of your dreams. Contact us today to say bye-bye to building heachaches and Hello! to property success!

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With 85 years of exeperience in the building industry, Keith Hay Homes is the leading provider of transportable and pre-built homes for Kiwi homeowners and investors.

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