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How to get ready for Cyclone Gabrielle

Brace yourself Auckland! There is more bad weather to come 😓

The good thing is, this time we have plenty of warning. So, let’s get on with helping you and your tenant get ready for the initial phase of Cyclone Gabrielle. Before it lands, do the following:

  1. Even if your property was not affected by the Anniversary weekend floods, check if it is in an area that is prone to flooding here and here.
  2. Check that you are adequately insured. When was the last time you updated your sum insured?
  3. Keep your tenant informed. Share critical information such as:
    • Emergency contact details for you/your property manager and authorised tradespeople;
    • Public emergency response agencies such as Auckland Emergency Management 0800 22 22 00; and
    • Local shelter and evacuation centre locations.
  4. Premortem and preempt potential cyclone-related damages. For example:
    • Strap down/secure/pack away loose items, belongings and outdoor furniture;
    • Check that the gutters are clear and that the section is free of fallen leaves and branches;
    • If there are overhanging branches that look like they could damage your property in a cyclone, cut them off now;
    • Encourage pet-owning tenants to have an evacuation plan ready for their pets;
    • Remove all belongings from under the house in case there is flooding;
    • Remind your tenants to check their content insurance policy (some may even cover alternative accommodation if the tenant has to evacuate from their home);
    • Show your tenants how to look for signs of erosion and subsidence;
    • Encourage your tenant to unplug as many unnecessary appliances from the wall as possible in case a power cut is followed by a power surge; and
    • If you have a spare power generator, consider lending it to your tenants to help them through the cyclone.
    • With your tenant’s permission, take photographs of the property before the cyclone hits and empower your tenants to take photographs of any damages by the cyclone. These before and after photographs will help your insurance claim progress through the system as quickly as possible;
    • Patch up known cracks and gaps around the house, and make sure you pop your head in the roof to have a good look around;
  5. Get cyclone-ready yourself.
    • Secure all of your financial and (rental) business and other important documents;
    • Have an evacuation plan in place, identify alternative exit routes and have a go-bag ready;
    • Put together a cyclone survival kit, think about what you are going to need at home if the power is out and the streets are flooded; and
    • Make sure your phone stay charged throughout the cyclone in case your tenant needs to get a hold of you.

Kia kaha Tāmaki Makaurau. Stay safe out there! 💙

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