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Optimism and opportunities: Confronting current market conditions and finding the silver lining (Part 👆🏽)

Date/Time: Date(s) - 12 July 2022, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: Titoki Room (upstairs), Parnell Jubilee Building


In-person keynote meeting with live-stream alternative

In-person admission between 6.30 pm and 7 pm

Live-stream from 7 pm

Presentations by APIA members, Nic Irvine and Jo Johnson

Clear-eyed and unvarnished views of the market and property investing by two real-life investors

To talk of optimism and opportunities at this point would seem out-of-touch for the short-sighted and inexperienced. But here at APIA, we see investing and what it means to invest well as long-term endeavours that cannot be defined by any moments in time, this one included (such as the CCCFA, interest rate rises, inflation, declining values, anti-investor rhetoric and similar such). Perhaps, when all is said and done, being optimistic enough to seek out growth and opportunities is precisely the sort of mindset an investor is going to need right now.

This two-part presentation series features low-key but active investors on

  • their perspectives of the current market;
  • the silver lining that motivates and invigorates;
  • adapting to the new rules and parameters (such as tighter lending criteria, lost of interest deduction); and
  • how opportunities are defined and identified.

Part one of this series features long-time investors and active members Nic Irvine and Jo Johnson. Through story-sharing, Nic and Jo will give you helpful perspectives to calibrate your present sense of confidence so that you can get through the tough months ahead and seize on future opportunities.

Session topics
  • The market as it is: the speaker’s perspective on its challenges, opportunities and silver lining;
  • Confronting current challenges: building resilience against and readiness for difficulties (and possible failure) and helpful problem-solving skills and/or mindset to have;
  • A different point of view: how to turn a negative into a positive/growth opportunity;
  • Opportunities: (re)definition and where to find them;
  • Why property: how to reclaim your purpose as an investor amid disruption, uncertainty and public antagonism
In-person or online. Your choice 👍🏽

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