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How to hold onto your rentals in this market

Date/Time: Date(s) - 19 May 2023, 11:00 am - 11:30 am


40-minute web session streaming from 11 am

Post-stream replay available

Featuring Debbie Roberts, Property Apprentice*

Forced sales are the worst.

Let’s be honest. Having to sell (and not wanting to sell) is a pretty gut-wrenching experience.

You’ve worked blimmin’ hard for your properties. Losing some or all of them to a temperamental market despite your best efforts is just too much of a shame.

But that’s where a lot of investors find themselves these days. Not good.

If the dominos start to fall, you best get out of the line. Want to avoid this kind of heartache 💔 in the first place? Get your house(s) in order. Pronto!

Financial adviser and property coach Debbie Roberts is here to show you the way to the safe zone. Find out what you should do (and not do) now to ride through this recession so that you can thrive in the aftermath ☀️.

Session topics

💔 Who and what property are at risk of a forced sale in this market;

💔 The reality of a forced sale, the upside and the down;

💔 How to not be forced to sell in this market;

💔 How to recover (and recover well) from a forced sale and get back to the business of investing?


Debbie is a financial adviser and director of Property Apprentice.*

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