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APIA Members’ Working Group: Boosting Granny Flat Supplies in New Zealand

Date/Time: Date(s) - 16 July 2024, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


60-minutes online working group

Featuring Sarina Gibbon, APIA and selected industry experts

Are you ready to play a pivotal role in solving New Zealand’s housing crisis?

Join us in the APIA Working Group dedicated to increasing the supply of granny flats and unlocking new opportunities for property investors, renters, and our communities.

Interactive Session | Meaningful Impact | Expert Insights

Why Join This Working Group?

New Zealand is facing significant housing challenges, and granny flats offer a practical, efficient solution. As a valued member of the Auckland Property Investors Association, your expertise and insights are crucial. Together, we can shape policies that benefit our community and enhance your investment potential.

Your Voice Matters

This session is designed to be interactive, ensuring every member has the opportunity to contribute. Your ideas and experiences will directly influence APIA’s recommendations to the government.

Key Topics We’ll Address
  1. Navigating Regulatory Complexity and Reducing Compliance Costs
    • Share your experiences with local council regulations.
    • Collaborate on solutions to simplify compliance.
  2. Overcoming Financial Barriers
    • Discuss innovative financing options.
    • Explore government-backed loans and other financial products.
  3. Managing Construction Costs and Addressing Labor Shortages
    • Identify ways to reduce construction costs.
    • Propose strategies to increase the skilled labor pool.
  4. Addressing Community Opposition
    • Share successful strategies for engaging with communities.
    • Develop guidelines to harmonize new developments with existing neighborhoods.
  5. Upgrading Infrastructure for Future Growth
    • Discuss the infrastructure challenges you’ve faced.
    • Collaborate on sustainable solutions and government incentives.
Opportunities We’ll Explore
  1. Increased Rental Income: Learn how granny flats can boost your rental income.
  2. Government Incentives: Discuss potential tax breaks, grants, and streamlined approval processes.
  3. Meeting Housing Demand: Understand the role of granny flats in alleviating housing shortages.
  4. Boosting Property Value: Explore the long-term capital appreciation of properties with granny flats.
  5. Sustainable Living Solutions: Incorporate green technologies and practices into your developments.
How to Participate
  1. Register Now: Secure your spot by submitting a registration form below.
  2. Prepare Your Insights: Think about the challenges you’ve faced and the solutions you envision.
  3. Engage Actively: Be ready to share, discuss, and collaborate with fellow APIA members.
Benefits of Participation
  • Influence Policy: Directly impact the government’s approach to granny flat development.
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with other property investors and industry experts.
  • Gain Knowledge: Access valuable insights and strategies to enhance your investments.
  • Create Change: Be part of a movement that improves housing availability in New Zealand.
Let’s Make a Difference Together!

Join us in this crucial working group and help shape the future of housing in New Zealand. Your participation can drive real change, create new opportunities, and ensure sustainable growth for our communities.

Join the conversation. Shape the future. Make an impact.

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