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Interest Deductibility & Bright-Line Restoration: Operational Rules in Plain English

Date/Time: Date(s) - 25 March 2024, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


60-minute web session streaming from 6 pm

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Featuring Stephen Tsang, PKF Withers Tsang

Get ready for 1 April

Join us for an insightful webinar tailored exclusively for property investors. Stephen Tsang, Director at PKF Withers Tsang, will decode the intricate operational rules surrounding interest deductibility, bright-line, and commercial building depreciation. Delve into the nuances of Amendment Paper No. 20 and gain a comprehensive understanding of how these new rules will impact your investments.

Session Highlights
  • Phasing in of Interest Deductibility: Understand the phased implementation of interest deductibility starting from 1st April 2024 and its implications on your property investments.
  • Repeal and Replacement of Bright Line Tests: Explore the transition from the 5 and 10-year bright-line tests to the newly introduced 2-year bright-line and grasp its significance in property investment strategies.
  • Removal of Depreciation for Commercial Buildings: Gain clarity on removing depreciation for commercial buildings and its ramifications on investment portfolios.

This seminar is essential for property investors, landlords, real estate professionals, and anyone seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of property taxation with confidence and clarity.


Stephen Tsang is a distinguished Director at PKF Withers Tsang*, a leading accounting firm renowned for its unwavering commitment to serving property investors and business owners. With extensive experience in tax advisory and a deep understanding of property investment intricacies, Stephen is adept at simplifying complex tax regulations, making them accessible to all.

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