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10 Podcasts that will make you a more successful investor

If you want to grow a successful portfolio and live a more accomplished life, you have to find ways to replenish and feed your mind constantly.  Over
the last few years, podcasts have emerged as a go-to tool for the busy investor who has a maxed-out schedule that is too tight to juggle in another
business book.  The great thing about podcasts is that they are easy to produce and even easier to consume.  You are more likely to get on-the-pulse
type of information before the Internet copywriter has even submitted his first draft!  So the next time you are sitting through a tedious commute
or struggling to push through on the treadmill, pop in the earbuds and tune into a podcast that will inform, entertain, and challenge you to become
a more success-minded investor.

New to the world of podcasts?  Here are my top 10 picks to help you get started:

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss (you know, the 4-hour work week guy) is a master of asking questions in a way that invites the most successful investors, entrepreneurs, leaders,
inventors, entertainers to break down their success formulae in bite-size pieces that are consumable for the everyday people.  Dubbed the Oprah of Audio,
Tim’s interviews are known for their raw-ish edits that are diverse in subjects and focused on purpose.  Expect to walk away from each show with
the building blocks for success as well as some interesting and unexpected book recommendations.

2. Freakonomics

I just want to say this, I freaking LOVE Freakonomics!  Presented by one-half of the original Freakonomics phenomenon,
Stephen J Dubner, Freakonomics is a show that is all about challenging traditional perspective of the riddles of everyday life and inspiring new solutions
to old problems.  The secret is all about taking mundane facts we take for granted and breaking them down to examine the validity of
their hidden cores.  Its productivity episode from last year is nothing short of transformative and has completely changed the way
I handle my priorities. 

3. Growth Everywhere

GE pools together the esteemed growth hackers in the business world to help listeners unlock the secret behind successful businesses.  Like many other
business podcasts, GE uses a case-study approach and encourages its interview subjects to tease out actionable strategies on how to grow and nurture
a business idea, handle obstacles, and scale your business for the future. 

4. This Is Your Life

If you ever have that nagging voice in your mind that suggests that maybe, just maybe, you have peaked too soon and your best days are behind you then
Michael Hyatt’s This is your life is going to change the way you look at yourself and define success.  On the surface, it has
all the makings of a trite self-help channel that is packed with feel-good soundbites that are barely good enough to put into a fortune cookie.  But
Hyatt goes 10-steps further than that and through his conversations with guests helps you discover the finer points of personal development, goal-setting,
leadership, productivity, and relationships so that you become fully in control of your success.

5. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is, without a doubt, the internet’s go-to resource for everything and anything real estate.  Its podcasts feature lighthearted conversations
with successful investors and traders talking about their property journey.  Hosts Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner’s passion for property really
shine through with their questions that always flush out pertinent points of the interview that will inspire even the most seasoned pros.  A word
of warning though, BP being a US based business uses terminologies that may not be immediately familiar to the Kiwi listener.  For example, when
they say multifamily, they mean apartments.  A flip is a trade.  Hard money refers to non-bank
loans.  You get the gist. 

6. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

Robert Helms and Russell Gray are two guys who love chewing the real estate fat.  This long running show is never out of fresh and informative content
for property investors.  What sets this show apart from its counterparts is the underlying premise that listeners need not aspire to phenomenal
wealth but rather their version of wealth that will give them a great lifestyle.  The hosts’ lighthearted conversational style and
firm rejection for hype-based information make this podcast a safe learning space for new investors who want to build wealth with property.  

7. How I Built This

How I Built This humanises modern success stories.  It is a collection of personal profiles of those innovators and entrepreneurs who are behind some
of today’s most thriving businesses (think Instagram, WholeFoods, Zappos and the like).  Each interview offers remarkable personal insight into
what it takes to build a powerful business in today’s economy.  Presented by Guy Raz (of TED Radio fame), each interview subject is invited to
recount personal highs and lows, lucky breaks they capitalised on, and memorable lessons they picked up along the way.  These frank personal accounts
of challenges will help you contextualise your situation and give you the confidence you need to push through to the next level.  

8. TED Radio Hour

This is like TED talk on steroids.  Each week, presenter Guy Raz curates the most riveting TED talks by theme and give them the attention and care
they deserve.  Presenters are invited back to unpack and elaborate their ideas beyond the 18 minute TED time shackle the result of which gives
listeners an endless source of inspiration as well as aspiration to become better.  Do take the time to listen to the reconciliation episode,
not only has it helped me become a better negotiator but also improved the way I manage business relationships. 

9. We Study Billionaires – The Investors Podcast

We Study Billionaires does just what it says, study billionaires.  Each episode is replete with the habits and philosophies of famed billionaires
of our time, think Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban and many more.  The podcasts focus on investment strategies and doctrines that
have worked for these billionaires as well as malpractices they stay away from.  If you got into investing to build wealth then why now learn
from the masters?

10. Invisibilia

Invisibilia is a series of podcasts that uncovers the invisible forces – thoughts, feelings, expectations, assumptions, cultural norms – that shape our
lives.  The story-telling-style narrative lightens the sometimes scientifically dense subject matters into something that listeners can easily
grapple with.  The show is about challenging accepted facts and looking at behaviour automation in a completely different way.  

11. Honourable mention: The Money Tree Investing Podcast

The Money Tree is all about embracing diverse opinions and different perspectives.  Each weekly episode features four panelists discussing their personal
and professional views on investing, personal finance, and passive income.  This is particularly helpful for those who value consumer autonomy
and the power of informed opinions.  Hearing from different perspectives is a great starting point to help you work out the best way forward for yourself

Are you a podcast-a-holic?  Share your favourite podcast for property investors in the comment section below! 

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