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Tenancy Services office hour

Tenancy Services senior engagement advisor Raymond Suen answers these questions:

  1. Is there anything being done to address the long wait time to get a Tribunal hearing?
  2. What is the best way to comply to HHS heating standards if body corporate rules prohibit heat pumps to be attached to exterior walls of the building?
  3. My fixed-term tenancy was initially signed on 10 January 2020 and extended by a year on 10th January 2021. Am I still able to give notice to discontinue the tenancy on 10th January 2022?
  4. Can tenants be represented by agents at tribunal hearings?
  5. If a tenant offers to pay me 6 months rent in advance in exchange for securing a fixed-term tenancy, can I accept?
  6. Is it legal to have fireplaces at rental properties? How do I work out the heat output and do I need to supply wood to the tenant?
  7. The tenancy ended 5 years ago and I’ve just realised that I never claimed back the bond. I can’t track down the tenant to co-sign the form. What should I do to get my bond back?
  8. My long-term tenant wants to allow her uncle to move into the property for a few months. I am ok with that but there are not enough bedrooms in the house. She is suggesting they make the garage his bedroom and promises not to take me to the Tribunal for it. I am very uncomfortable with this but I also want to help the tenant out. What should I do?
  9. My periodic tenant rang to say they have vacated the house. They’ve never given me any prior notice to terminate. Do I treat the call as if it is their 28 day notice or do I treat it as an abandoned tenancy?
  10. Do you have any advice regarding heat pump installation into geothermally heated units? Several assessors have refused to asses the geothermal heating so that the property isn’t compliant. 
  11. Can a property manager/landlord check smoke alarms themselves and is pushing the test button sufficient way to test?
  12. Is the current review of the building standards anticipating a higher insulation standard? Is retro-fitting double glazed windows part of the review?
  13. Why is there generally a 6-8 week delay with updating market rent figures?
  14. Do you have any advice for landlords when a tenant offers to pay more rent during a fixed-term tenancy in order to have pets at the property?

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