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Q&A with APIA president, Kristin Sutherland

  1. Where do you think Auckland is on the property clock? 
  2. Do you invest in new builds? 
  3. Do you think National will repeal the interest limitation rule? 
  4. Tribunal adjudicators seem heavily biased against landlords, is there anything APIA can do to complain/lobby?
  5. How do you see APIA’s role vis-à-vis advocacy for its members and the wider private rental sector?
  6. I noticed only National and ACT MPs are invited to speak at APIA. Is there a reason for that? I thought APIA was independent/not political.
  7. Do you invest in Auckland properties and if so, what is your long-term outlook for this market? 
  8. Will there be a debt-to-income restriction? 
  9. The media is very biased against landlords. Is APIA doing anything about it? 
  10. Can APIA lobby for interest deduction for private landlords like what the build-to-rent developers have done for themselves?

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