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IP renovation case study: How to increase rent by 40% in a tough market

40% ⬆️ in rent yield and 37% ⬆️ in value. All with a realistic budget!

APIA member Kirsten Hawke, with the help of James Goren from The Renovation Team*, recently transformed a block of flats in Papatoetoe into modern homes for its tenants and a solid investment for herself. Kirsten and James join us at this webinar to showcase the project, share some behind-the-scenes stories and photos, crunch some numbers and answer our questions.

If you are feeling the pinch of the market and want some inspiration on how to make your invested properties work harder for you then this is the video for you!

02:55 Kirsten’s investment background

04:23 Was Kirsten specifically in the market for a project she could add value to with renovation?

05:47 High-level overview of the project from James’ point of view

07:47 How does each speaker spot ‘potential’?

11:43 How does this property stack up against others in the area (Papatoetoe)?

13:51 How specific was the project brief and how much did Kirsten lean on James’ perspective and advice?

15:42 Features that generated a strong rental return

19:02 The cost-reward sweet-spot

21:57 How does this project compare with other contemporaneous TRT projects?

23:18 Feedback from tenants

24:34 Would James and Kirsten do anything differently next time

27:39 Is it reasonable to expect tighter numbers now that the market has slowed down?

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