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APIA Presentation Guidelines

APIA is a voluntary association which has a particular focus on general education relating to property investment. As such APIA allows a variety of persons to provide content to members for this purpose (“Presenter”). However, it is impractical for APIA to directly manage each Presenter. Accordingly, while APIA takes some steps to ensure the suitability of all Presenters and content it largely relies on Presenters meeting reasonable and professional standards of conduct.

Status of Presentation Guidelines
  1. All Presenters who provide content, whether by way of blog, article, webinar, seminar, advertising, pamphlet, social media update, video or any other content whatsoever (“Content”), are required to comply with these Presentation Guidelines.
  2. Where these Presentation Guidelines conflict with any other agreement a Presenter has with APIA including APIA’s website terms and conditions and APIA’s Constitution then that agreement will take precedence to the extent of any conflict.
  3. Where the context shall require, a reference to the Presenter includes any associated party of the Presenter.
  4. APIA may update these Presentation Guidelines from time to time and those updated Presentation Guidelines will apply to each Presenter. Each Presenter is required to be familiar with the Presentation Guidelines applying at the relevant time.
Presentation Conduct
  1. Each Presenter will act prudently, competently and in good faith in providing Content and will take all practical steps to avoid presenting inaccurate or misleading information.
  2. Each Presenter will interact with attendees courteously, will endeavour not to cause embarrassment and will not make disparaging remarks about any person.
  3. No Presenter will include in their Content any offensive, defamatory, indecent, misleading or objectionable material.
  4. APIA may require a Presenter to provide Content for review in advance on notice. APIA may in its sole discretion and at any time withdraw or prevent the Presenter from providing any Content or future Content if APIA believes that the Presenter has or may make inappropriate Content available.
  5. The Presenter agrees to indemnify APIA from all actions, claims, costs, losses, damages, liabilities or demands suffered or incurred by APIA arising out of or in connection with any failure to comply with these Presentation Guidelines or any other obligation of the Presenter.
  6. Each Presenter will ensure that any intellectual property used in any Content is owned or lawfully licensed to them for such purpose.
  7. Unless the Presenter has a right to provide paid promotional content under separate agreement with APIA, the Presenter will not directly advertise or promote their business provided however Presenters will be able to provide basic details of their role and the name and details of such business.
  8. No Presenter will endeavour to entice any person to purchase any particular property or service unless the Presenter is a sponsor of APIA and the Presentation is paid promotional content authorised by separate agreement with APIA.
  9. Each Presenter will endeavour to stay within the time allotted for their Presentation by APIA.
  10. Each Presenter will comply with any other reasonable direction of APIA.
  11. Each Presenter will make any particular technical requirements known to APIA within a reasonable timeframe and will liaise with APIA constructively to meet those requirements where possible.
  12. Presenters will fully disclose any conflicts of interest that they may have.
  13. Presenters will provide APIA’s standard Event and/or Webinar disclaimer (as the case may be), in all Content provided to APIA and shall comply with any particular directions APIA may provide in relation to the same.
  14. No Presenter will carry out, promote or encourage unlawful activity or behaviour of any kind that may bring APIA and its members into disrepute.

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