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What regulating property managers means for private landlords

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Date/Time: Date(s) - 6 April 2022, 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm


45-minute web session streaming from 6.00 pm

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Presentation by Samantha Arnold, Barfoot & Thompson

The government is, at present, consulting on the regulation of residential property managers. The eventual regulation will have certain knock-on effects on landlords, tenants and the rental sector at large. We sit down with property management expert and industry leader Samantha Arnold to discuss the regulation, its various design aspects what landlords (and the rest of the rental sector) can do at this point to maximise the (positive) transformative power of the eventual regulation.

Specific session objectives include helping landlords participate productively in the government’s consultation process and sharing tips on how to maximise their principal-agent relationship with property managers.

  • Overview of the consultation process;
  • Specific design aspects of the proposed regulation that are more consequential than others and what their knock-on effects are on landlords and tenants;
  • The transformative outcomes can landlords can reasonably expect from the eventual regulations;
  • Given the inevitability of regulation, what can the sector do to ensure its cost efficiency and maximise its outcome.

Samantha is the Barfoot & Thompson* general manager of property management.

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