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How to buy your first rental property in this market

Date/Time: Date(s) - 2 August 2022, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


60-minute web session streaming from 6 pm

Post-stream replay available

Presentations by Amanda Watt, Shortland Chartered Accountants and Debbie Roberts, Property Apprentice*

Ready to invest but don’t know how to take the crucial first step? 🫣🫣🫣

The headlines are calling this a buyer’s market. Funny that. It’s not as if things have become easy-breezy for first-time investors! The usual newbie trepidation that has to do with questions of how to buy, where to buy and what to buy is still there. And getting the answers right can be intimidating, especially when it feels like you have a lot to lose.

Join us at this webinar if you care to calm those nerves enough to focus on your investment goals and take action. Both Amanda Watt and Debbie Roberts are seasoned investors who know firsthand how important it is to get your first property purchase just right. From them, you will learn how to give yourself the best start to your property investing journey!

Session topics for Amanda
  • Tax and cash flow planning: how to pick the right ownership structure and balance tax efficiency with your investment goals;
  • Quasi-capital gains tax: overview of the Brightline rules;
  • Cash flow your way through and through: tips on cash flow forecast and high-level overview tax deductibility rules (including chattels, interest limitation and ring-fencing);
  • Final comments from an accountant who is also a property investor.
Session topics for Debbie
  • How to invest: picking the right strategy for you;
  • What to invest: should you favour new builds for tax deductibility or chase existing properties at a deep discount;
  • The homeowner conundrum: are you better off converting your own home to a rental than buying a rental;
  • Don’t waste money: how to avoid paying too much for a property;
  • Plan for success: how to handle rising interest rates, missed rental payments, large and unexpected repair/maintenance

Amanda is a director of Shortland Chartered Accountants, and Debbie is a director of Property Apprentice. Both are seasoned property investors and long-time members of APIA.

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