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The Renovation Team

The Renovation Team

The Renovation Team is a full do-up service that transforms tired houses, creating outstanding value for homeowners & investors. We maximise your return – typically for every dollar a client spends they see $3.60 in increased value, plus smarter layouts & better functionality.

The Renovation Team takes the stress out of totally refurbishing your property. We are experts when it comes to full do-ups of residential properties –
we find the hidden value in your property by identifying cost-effective ways to make a dramatic difference.

The Renovation Team was started in 2013 by James Goren, who began by renovating his own investment properties. Soon real estate agents, other investors
and his friends realised that he had a talent for seeing the bigger picture when it came to renovation. He also has an incredible understanding of
the numbers, thanks to his experience as a process engineering manager and his extensive research into valuation and the housing market. Word spread
and The Renovation Team began taking on more and more projects, promoted only by word of mouth recommendations from happy customers.
Since then, The Renovation Team has completed hundreds of complete property renovations across Auckland. Satisfied customers continue to recommend us because
we make the renovation process completely stress-free and add enormous value to every property. Whether you’re renovating to live, to sell or to rent,
we can make the whole process run smoothly – on time, on budget. And we’ll also aim to achieve an excellent return on your money, so that every dollar
you spend generates additional value, building your wealth and increasing the saleability and rentability of your property.

Value-add benefits are offered to APIA members include (for a limited time) a free professional photo shoot of the renovated property and a choice of either a 900mm LED bathroom mirror with anti-fog technology (approximate value of $500) or brand name oven (approximate value of $700) for full do-up projects.

Take a look at what happy customers have to say about The Renovation Team:

Phone: 021 230 5511

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://therenovationteam.co.nz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therenovationteam/

Address: 4/20 Augustus Terrace Parnell Auckland 1052

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