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The Good Website Company

The Good Website Company

Need a website for your business or property development? The Good Website Company designs and hosts clean, functional websites so that it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for and contact you. We operate as a socially conscious business so a percentage of your website hosting fee will be donated to help fund a microloan for an entrepreneur in a developing country.


We approach website design and hosting by combining design with userbility – in other words we keep it simple so your customers can easily find what they
want when they need it. Our system has a lot of inbuilt flexibility saving you money and we won’t charge you any extra for your hosting plan the larger
your website gets. We design simples sites to more complex sites so if you don’t see what you like on our portfolio page just ask us.


Our websites are all designed to be optimised for viewing on mobile devices such as smartphones and ipads and use the latest responsive templates meaning
they auto-size to fit any size computer screen, large or small. They are also optimised for search engines such as google meaning your website will
be found faster. Our content management system makes editing your website easy and you can add into your website things like videos, music, forums,
blogs etc.


Property investors are entrepreneurs. But there are talented entrepreneurs in developing countries that don’t have the advantages we have in New Zealand.
That’s why when you get a website designed and hosted with The Good Website Company a percentage of your hosting fee each month will help fund a microloan
for an entrepreneur who wants to start or grow a business in a developing country. It’s called socially conscious business where running a successful
business and making a difference in the world go hand in hand and just by having a website you can now be part of this.

Phone: 09 8890797

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.goodwebsitecompany.com


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