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Firsthand Property Management

Some individual property managers handle more than 150 properties. At Firsthand, we refuse to let ours manage more than 60. Why? Because we believe that having to manage too many properties puts managers under too much pressure – and they begin to miss details, respond slowly to both tenant and client needs, and rush decisions around placing tenants.

At Firsthand, we know how to protect your asset. As property investors ourselves we have years of firsthand experience in both residential and commercial property management and maintenance. In fact, we have an absolute passion for protecting property assets for the current and future financial security of our clients and their families. That’s why we care for every property on our books as if it were our own.

We offer a choice of management packages so that you can choose the level of service you wish to pay for, with fees starting from just 6% + GST.

We choose to limit the number of properties any one of our managers can look after to just 60 to ensure that each manager has enough time to care for your property to our high standards e.g. find the best tenants, do comprehensive inspections, maintain open communication with all parties, check rents daily, follow up with tradesmen, and ensure that the property meets all legislation to protect the owner from inadvertent breaches.

On top of that, we keep your money safe in an audited Trust account. All of our landlords can login to view exactly what is happening with their account, anytime and from any device.

Phone: 96317196

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.firsthand.co.nz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FirstHandPM/

Address: St Leonards Rd, Mount Eden Auckland Auckland 1024

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