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5R Studio

Interior designs for property investors

Gain a competitive advantage in the dynamic world of real estate by leveraging 5R Studio’s Interior Design expertise in your future renovations or upgrades. Our Auckland-based team is very experienced in investment property renovations and project management for busy clients. We eliminate ‘second guessing’ design issues and prepare your property for renting or sale. We provide many options including kitchen and bathroom designs, ‘wow features’ and additions, creating desirable and cost effective spaces. We understand local market intricacies and trends, know how to make your biggest asset shine and provide you with the best ROI possible. Staying on budget is always at the forefront. 

We have a vision of design which turns possibilities into reality. Elevate your property portfolio with 5R Studio’s unmatched design prowess. Your investment deserves nothing less than the best – choose 5R: an Interior design studio that delivers and is all about sustainable solutions. 

Phone: 021 0202 3631

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.5rstudio.co.nz

Address: 1/687 Remuera Rd., Remuera 1050

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