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Discounted New Property Guru access for APIA Members

APIA partnered with CoreLogic to give our members access to the popular New Property Guru database (now amalgamated with RPNZ) at a discounted price of $80+GST per month (RRP $2400 + GST per year).  It is now easier to stay informed of local market trends and make smarter investment decisions using this powerful investment tool to your advantage.  The advantage of this APIA arrangement also includes easy cancellation (see below) so that you are not locked into CoreLogic’s standard one-year minimum term contract.   

CoreLogic is a leading property information, analytics and services provider in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.  Property Guru is designed to help investors identify and manage portfolio growth opportunities, mitigate risk and improve performance.  Training workshops can be scheduled to help you make the most out of your access to either of the databases. 


Get the inside edge

Compete on an even playing field by accessing the same property data and insights used by real estate agents, mortgage advisers, valuers, and major banks.

Estimate your potential returns

Check whether the numbers stack up by using our CMA(Comparative Market Analysis) tool to get access to comparable property information.

Visualise local activity

With our interactive mapping functionality, you can overlay property data onto cadastral maps and aerial photographs to clearly visualise what’s happening in an area/suburb of interest to you.

Keep an eye on the market

Build a portfolio ‘Watch List’ to get tailored alerts of recent sales or new listings in an area/street/property profile that interests you, search withdrawn listings, or view the sales history for properties you’re interested in.

Access property data anytime, anywhere

With the Property Pro app you can access property information wherever, whenever, on your iPad or iPhone..Has a property caught your eye? Look it up straight away to see key attributes and past sales and save it to your Favourites so you can come back to it later on.

Property Guru booking form

To arrange for your discounted access to either Property Guru, submit the form below and make sure that you read the booking terms:

By submitting the completed form above, you agree to the following:

  1. That you are subscribed to and agree to pay for ongoing access to New Property Guru at the discounted access rate of $80 + GST per month until you cancel your subscription; 
  2. That you will be billed monthly in advance by us, the Auckland Property Investors’ Association Incorporated; 
  3. That you maintain a full membership with us for the duration of your New Property Guru booking;
  4. That all issued invoices up until cancellation will fall due irrespective of your New Property Guru account activities; 
  5. That you will pay all third party debt collection fees incurred in order to recover outstanding access invoices;
  6. That we reserve the right to decline your booking based on previous account conduct or suspend your New Property Guru access should your account fall into arrears;
  7. That cancellation must be in writing to [email protected] within three working days of the final invoice; and 
  8. That access under this agreement starts on the first day of each calendar month and, at cancellation, will end on the last day of the calendar month. 

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