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Alpha Property Mentors

Alpha Property Mentors

Alpha Property Mentors (APM) are a boutique property mentoring company that provides mentoring services to investors throughout the Auckland region. The Managing Director - Ross Woon - is a Chartered Accountant and has invested in Auckland residential property for overover 25 years.

APM offers first-time investors guidance throughout their investment journey, or given the current market dynamics, are able to undertake detailed financial
analysis for those clients who have a current portfolio to make informed “hold, sell or buy” decisions. Services offered include the following: Structuring
Discussion, Property Sector Summary, Financial Modelling, Property Hunting, Negotiation & Purchase, Post Purchase & Property Management. What
differentiates us from larger mentoring companies is our ability to individually tailor our programme to meet each person’s specific circumstances. This
allows us to truly connect with our customers and provide the exceptional, considerate service that they deserve. For further information browse our website
https://www.apm.org.nz or call Ross on 0225 685 695.

Phone: 0225 685 695

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.apm.org.nz

Address: St Heliers Auckland Auckland 1071

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